How to Build Resistance to Stress with Breathing  呼吸法でストレスに強くなるー仕事の合間に

This is the video (sorry in Japanese) that was featured in Nikkei ARIA, a Japanese online magazine for women...

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How to Move Away From Anger

Does someone or something trigger you right now?

In this video, I talked about how to move away from anger.

Back in...

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Body Training Doesn't Guarantee Strong Lungs

Body training doesn't guarantee strong lungs. In fact, if you’re not breathing enough, you are limiting your...

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The Power of Self-Image to Stay Young

Have you ever thought about how you would look and feel like after 10 or 20 years?

If you’re someone who wants...

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About Aging - Becoming a Role Model for Younger Generations

I wonder how you feel about aging.

In my thirties, I felt a little fearful and uneasy about how I'm going to look...

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A Lesson I Learned From a Flu

I had stomach flu for the first time in nearly 15 years.

I practice breathing exercises every day, and that has...

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